The VEX Gyro returns the rate of rotation around the veritcal axis.
The Gyroscope is no longer sold on the VEX storefront. Check out the V5 Inertial Sensor (IMU) for the most up to date sensor carried by VEX.
The VEX Yaw-Rate Gyro, or simply the VEX Gyro, is an analog gyroscope which returns a voltage between 0 and +5 V approximately proportional to the rate of rotation around the vertical axis through the sensor. The full-scale range is about +/- 1000 degrees per second, a huge limit that compresses the full-scale range and reduces resolution. While acceptable for coarse positioning, use of a digital gyroscope leads to more precise readings.
The VEX Gyro is highly vulnerable to Line Noise and should be shielded or placed far from motors. All gyroscopes must be placed at the robot's center of rotation for optimal results. Dynamic calibration is therefore a must before each run.

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