Modifying Existing Constraints

In this page, we'll be going over how to modify existing constraints.

Let's say you've constrained this 2x to the 5x, but now you want to mount the 2x on a spacer. We could constrain a spacer to the 5x, then the 2x to the spacer. That's bad practice, and there's a nicer way of doing it.

Modifying Insert Constraint

The insert constraint brings two faces together and keeps them concentric. How close the faces are to each other is a parameter within the constraint.

On the left of our screen is our model browser. If we click the Relationships folder, we can select the constraint we want to modify. By typing0.5 here and pressing Enter on our keyboards.

If done correctly, the 2x will now be 0.5" away from the 5x.

Remember to save!

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