Inventor Chassis: Best Practices

Learn best practice techniques by making a chassis.

Note: You must complete Inventor Chassis: The Basics before continuing!

In this tutorial, you will be making the drive base below, but by using best practice techniques. You'll learn how to use subassemblies, and to constrain in a way that makes it easier to rapidly iterate your CAD.

This tutorial works for VEX CAD's Inventor Library 1.1 and beyond.

Please look over the FAQ if you have any issues!

If you want more assistance, please ask in our Discord server!

Your CAD will not be identical to the robot you construct. Screws shift in holes, used spacers become slightly different lengths, parts squish because of screws, etc.

We suggest using CAD to plan how everything will fit within your robot. Spacing on moving parts will change between CAD and on your robot.

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