Elimination Bracket

After all teams have completed their qualification matches, they receive a ranking for the competition. The alliance selection process then begins.


  1. Match Record (Win / Lose / Tie)

  2. Average Win Points (WP / Number of Matches played)

    • When playing matches, 2 points are awarded for winning, 1 point is awarded for tieing, and 0 points are awarded for losing a match.

    • Autonomous Win Points are also awarded in some games where after completing a defined task in the autonomous period, an AWP is awarded to the alliances that succeed in the task.

  3. Average Autonomous Points (AP / Number of Matches played)

    • The team that wins the autonomous period in each of the qualification matches is awarded 6 APs, a tie results in 3 for each alliance.

  4. Average Strength of Schedule Points (SP / Number of Matches played)

    • SPs are determined as the score of the losing team in each qualification match. These are awarded to all 4 teams in a match.

  5. Highest Match score

  6. Second highest Match score

  7. Random electronic draw

Rankings are published throughout the event on RobotEvents.com, VexVia, and displays around the competition. After the final matches are played, the final ranking is published and alliance selection is started.

Alliance Selection

  1. The highest ranked Team at the end of Qualification Matches becomes the first Alliance Captain for the Elimination Bracket

  2. The Alliance Captain invites another Team to join their Alliance

    • This team can either accept or deny depending on whether or not they see that it is a good fit.

    • If a team denies an invitation, they are ineligible to be invited to another alliance at the competition. They can however be an alliance captain if they are ranked high enough to enter this process.

    • If an invitation is denied by a team, the alliance captain can ask another team to join their alliance and the process is repeated.

  3. After an alliance is formed (with 2 teams) the next highest ranking team not in an alliance becomes the alliance captain and this process is repeated.

Elimination Bracket

Above is the layout for a 16 alliance competition. Matches for the Round of 16 are generated after all alliances are formed. For competitions with less than 16 teams, but more than 8, the higher-ranked teams will get a Bye (pass) for the first round of the elimination bracket. There is an alternate bracket for 8 alliance competitions where all blue alliances above are removed and the elimination round starts at Quarterfinals.

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