Dark Mode

How to enable dark mode

Dark mode is a personal preference to make software less straining on your eyes. This is optional, but for this tutorial I will be using dark mode with a gradient background.

Enabling Dark Mode

In the top left of your screen, go to File then Options at the bottom.

Go to Colors at the top, then make sure your UI Theme is Dark (pre-release) and the In-canvas Color Scheme is Dark. For Background, make sure it's on 1 Color. This is the Inventor dark mode!

Background Gradient

I prefer a gradient in the background, with white fading into black. To enable that, set your Background to Gradient. Then go to Customize Schemes.

Click the + next to Background. My Top Screen RGB is 255 255 255, and my Bottom Screen RGB is 12 12 12.

Press Okay then Apply, and you're all done!

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