Mission Statement
After extensive discussion with many of the top tier VEXU programs, it became obvious that there is a gap in the ability to share knowledge among VRC and VEXU programs, as well as a lack of direction for VEX teams who start off in their search for knowledge in an ocean of potentially misleading and scattered articles.

How are we achieving this goal?

With this Wiki, we seek to centralize the wealth of information between generations of robotics students in one location. Many of these articles have been passed down in the Purdue SIGBots internal wiki and have been updated for public usage.
By making this project open sourced, we can help expand this knowledgebase with diverse viewpoints and sources. For more information on how you can help, check out our contributing guidelines page.
The VEX community is one that is better together, we believe that the increased sharing of knowledge that is accessible to every team will bring about better robots and, most importantly, better engineers.
Thank you,
  • The SIGBots Wiki Development Team
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