EasyC is a programming language for the VEX Cortex.
EasyC is for the older VEX Cortex which is no longer competitve.
OSS (Partial)
  • VEX Supported
  • Native code compilation
  • 32- and 64-bit types
  • Partial multitasking
  • Proprietary libraries
  • Works out-of-box, built-in IDE
  • Superseded by Midnight C​
EasyC is a programming language for the VEX Cortex. It initially appears to sport a drag-and-drop interface designed for beginners, but hides a full C text editor and compiler underneath that can compile to native code for the Cortex.


  • Native code compilation (thus fast execution)
  • Built-in library is a good compromise between ease of use and granularity
  • VEX-supported with strong community following, especially among high school teams
  • IDE integrates firmware updates, code authoring, compilation, and flashing into one program
  • Extensive documentation and help files


  • Not all C features are available, including pointers and the standard library. However, the early versions of Midnight C are completely backwards-compatible with EasyC and unlock said functionality
  • Not free and works only on Windows
  • Advanced C editor has been somewhat neglected and does not feature code completion
  • Flash utility does not cooperate with powered programming adapters.
  • Low-level code performance poor, with buggy library functions and unpredictable timing Jitter​

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