Gussets and Brackets

Smaller metal pieces used to mount structural components.


There are many different varieties of Gusset available to use in the VEX Robotics Competition, which can be broken down into two overall categories: Angle Gussets and Coupler Gussets.

Angle Gussets

The primary purpose of Angle Gussets is to mount main structural components at an angle to each other, with one notable example being the use of triangle bracing. Metal Angle Gussets are available in a variety of different sizes and angles from, in addition to custom-made plastic gussets being used by many teams for angles unique to individual robots.

While there are a variety of different Angle Gussets available, they are all similar in that their purpose is to mount structural components at various angles and elevations.

Coupler Gussets

Rather than mounting structural components at an angle, Coupler Gussets provide the ability to mount structure concurrent with existing components, continuing existing structures and extending the length of such pieces. Various Coupler Gussets can be found on

C-Channel Coupler Gusset

The most popular variety of Coupler Gusset, C-Channel Coupler Gussets have a variety of different uses, with the main intended purpose being to connect two C-Channels together and extend the total overall length of the metal.

Additionally, one common use for C-Channel Coupler Gussets is to reinforce existing structure. C-Channel Coupler Gussets are a convenient method to achieve Box Bracing, as slotting a C-Channel Coupler Gusset within a high-stress location in the structure of a robot can help increase the integrity of the structural component.

Angle Coupler Gusset

Though less popular than other available gussets, Angle Coupler Gussets are still an effective way to connect or reinforce structural components.

Rather than attaching or reinforcing C-Channels from within the flanges, such as is the case with C-Channel Coupler Gussets, Angle Coupler Gussets mount to components from the outside faces. This makes Angle Gussets an effective way to "patch" weaker areas that are more vulnerable to stress, but due to the extra space taken up, are generally considered the weaker option compared to C-Channel Coupler Gussets.


Brackets are a relatively uncommon part used in the VEX Robotics Competition, marketed mostly towards containing various gearboxes that can be constructed using VRC-legal gears.

With their relatively large profile and strict purposes, the various different Brackets rarely see much use, in favor of custom plastic components and use of more efficient mounting solutions. Brackets are more commonly used to cut into unique bracing and custom metal components, as they have a relatively large amount of material to work with. All brackets can be found on

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