Contributing Guidelines

PDF or Word Document Submissions

The Purdue SIGBots Wiki provides access for contributors without the ability to create markdown documents with this google form. Please note that this does not guarantee that your article will be accepted, and we may make revisions to the original article for different reasons. All contributing guidelines still apply. All content submitted through this form will be considered SIGBots Wiki property, but we will try to attribute teams for their work.

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Github Markdown Submissions

The Purdue SIGBots Wiki uses Github integration for contributing, moderation, and general version control. It uses Github markdown for formatted text in our articles, and a guide for this can be found here. More on using Github for version control here.

If you are looking to contribute and don't know where to start, a good place to look is the projects and issues section on our github page!

Making Modifications (Advanced):

To make a modification to an article or create a new article, submit a pull request (PR) on our github page which can be found here.

Submitting your Pull Request will allow the SIGBots Wiki Development team to review and process any changes proposed.

Please include:

  • Why your proposed changes should be made.

  • What changes are being proposed.

  • Include you or your team on the bottom of the page in the list of contributors (make a new section on your new page if you created a new page).

    • There's good examples of this under each page.

Terminology Guidelines:

  • Try to avoid slang in general and region specific terms for mechanisms.

    • Example: "Goliath Intakes" as a nickname for roller intakes.

  • If a term is widely used, but has an unprofessional connotation please refrain from using it.

    • Example: "Pooper" being used to describe ball extraction mechanisms.

  • If a term is appropriate. widely used, and you'd like to use it in your article, please clearly define it as a substitute for the professional/exact term you are referring to.

  • Always feel free to ask in your pull request if a term is suitable or not.

Mentioning Specific Teams and Outside Sources

Mentioning outside sources and other specific teams and their robots are allowed to be mentioned on the wiki, as long as their usage is relevant, respectful, and consensual.

If this is done, please include the source itself with a description and proper embedding for images, videos, and other forms of media.

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