Metal Coloring


Painting of VEX metal is legal and is a relatively quick way to add some color to a robot. All that is needed is a safe (Well Ventilated) area and a can of spray paint (Rust-Oleum Enamel is well tested).

Some helpful notes

  • Apply several light coats with time to dry between. Use at minimum 3 coats while avoiding heavy coats that would fill holes in metal or distort dimensions.

  • Use high quality, trusted spray paint designed for metal. The paint will chip as a result of use and match play. It is better to put in effort up front to assure the metal lasts longer.

  • A final clear coat is recommended


Anodizing metal is not an easy or cheap process but does lead to a better result than painting which is why it is chosen by some teams. Most schools do not have the ability to anodize in house so some commonly used vendors have been compiled.

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