VEX V5 Brain

The VEX V5 Brain is the successor to the VEX Cortex and is the current electronics system used in competitive VEX.

Product Specs

V5 Robot Brain Specifications

Motor Ports

Any of the 21 Smart Ports

Smart Sensor Ports

Any of the 21 Smart Ports

Digital Ports

Any of the 8 built-in 3-Wire Ports

Analog Ports

Any of the 8 built-in 3-Wire Ports

VEXos Processor

  • One Cortex A9 at 667 MHz

  • Two Cortex M0 at 32 MHz each

  • One FPGA1

User Processor

One Cortex A9 1333 Million Instructions per second (MIPS)


128 MB


32 MB

User Program Slots



2.0 High Speed (480 Mbit/s)

Color Touch Screen

4.25”, 480 x 272 pixels, 65k colors


up to 16 GB, FAT32


VEXnet 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.2

System Voltage

12.8 V


4.0” W x 5.5” H x 1.3” L (101.6 mm x 139.7 mm x 33.02 mm)


0.63 lbs (285g)


  • Select and run one of 8 user programs

  • Run built-in VEX programs

  • Run practice matches

  • Dark and Light Modes

  • Screen rotation

  • Dashboards

There is a built in dashboard for every connected sensor and device, from switches and potentiometers all the way up to motors and the battery.

3 Wire

The V5 Brain still has support for 3 wire devices. 3-Wire ports are now multi-purpose. Any 3-Wire port can be a digital input, digital output, analog input, or PWM motor control. A dedicated Cortex M0 microcontroller has the sole responsibility of reading inputs and toggling outputs. The data is reported to the user the moment it is measured. This means digital input changes trigger an immediate interrupt-based message to the user sensor memory to minimize latency. Analog inputs are pre-filtered for 5 milliseconds and then moved to the user sensor memory on a continual basis. The analog input is now 0-5V compatible to expand the number of compatible sensors. Future enhancements to the 3-Wire ports are planned to allow I2C and UART communication to non-VEX sensors as well.

3-Wire Specifications

V5 3-Wire Ports

Digital Ports

Use any of the 8 built-in 3-Wire Ports

Analog Ports

Use any of the 8 built-in 3-Wire Ports

3-Wire Expansion

Add 8 more ports using a 3-Wire Expander. The 3-Wire Expander uses one Smart Port.

Message rate - digital

On Change up to 1 kHz

Message rate - analog

5 mSec

Digital Input

High = 2.4 - 5.5 V Low = 0.0 - 1.0 V

Digital Output

High = 2.9 V min into a high impedance Low = 0.4 V max into a high impedance

Analog Input

0 - 5 V

Analog Input Resolution


Power out

5v @ 2A total for all ports


The V5 has has some issues and other setback more can be seen in V5 Electronics Observations.


VEX has stated that the V5 will bring a new batch of smart sensors:

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