How to Export a Notebook

Organizing Entries

Before exporting, it is best to create multiple views of the database with Filters and Sorting. Views can be renamed by Right Clicking. New views can be created by selecting the +.

5 recommended views with Filters and Sorting:

Not In Notebook: Exported - Unchecked, Archive - Unchecked, Ready - Descending, Date - Ascending

Export Order: Exported - Unchecked, Ready - Checked, Date - Ascending

Notebook Entries: Exported - Checked, Archive - Unchecked, Date - Ascending

Archive: Archive - Checked

All Entries:

This tutorial will use PDFgear which is available on windows and mac for free. This can be done in Adobe Acrobat as well

How to Export Pages

When in the Export Order view of the Notebook Database, select the elipses in the top right of the screen, and select Export. Use the following settings for the export:

Export entries by following the tutorial linked above or using the program in the video linked here:

How to Compile the Notebook

Move all exported files from Notion into the folder that contains the "Notion PDF Export" program, and run the program. The program will create a folder called PDFs that will contain all entries. From testing, it appears that the folder contains 2 of each entry, where the second is a blank version of the template which should be deleted.

Open PDFgear and select Merge PDF. Select Add Files in the top left, then select all entry PDFs and sort them into their desired order.

Under the Pages tab, select New Blank Page and add a page to the beginning of the notebook. This will act as a page holder for the Table of Contents before page numbers are added.

Under the Fill & Sign tab, select Page Number and the Add option. Choose a prefered style and placement.

PDFgear is a strong program, but sometimes because of the free nature of the program, it won't complete tasks. It is best to save the pdf, and restart the program if this occurs.

When page numbers are added, it is time to create a Table of Contents that match these numbers.

How to Create a Table of Contents

Using Microsoft Word, or a similar word processor, create a new document, and add a heading for the table of Contents. Microsoft Word allows for the easy creation of Tables of Contents. In the References tab, select the Table of Contents drop down, and choose one of the manual formats. Create an entry in the table for each notebook entry and its corresponding page number.

Export this Table of Contents as a pdf. Back in PDFgear, use the Pages tab, delete the blank page that was created as a place holder, and select Append File. Choose the Table of Contents pdf and add it to the beginning of the notebook. After this, the notebook is complete, but bookmarks and page links can be added to the pdf if desired.

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