Creating a Tournament

When Tournament Manager is opened, 3 options are presented: Create a new tournament, Open an existing tournament, and Connect to a remote server. After the new tournament is created and a name is set up, the server will be started. It is best to save files in an organized and easy-to-access location with clear and relevant names.

On MacOS, if TM says that Port is in use, turn off AirPlay Reciever in System Preferences under Sharing

Event Setup Pages

Event Code Setup

Location to connect the tournament to where, if the event is listed there, the information can be input from the administration page of the event. Much of the following steps will be automatically completed if the event is connected here.

Program Type

This is the location to choose the program for the competition.

Tournament Type

Alter the presets and selections of the competition ahead. The smaller the event, the simpler the future steps will be. Choosing a Large Event will require a lot of experience and knowledge of running tournaments and using Tournament Manager which will not be covered on this wiki.

This article will follow Small and Medium event setup. Large events are to come soon in a different article.

General Setup

Name of the event for the Tournament Manager server and a password for logging other devices into the event server.

League Play Setup

Used if the event is part of league play.

Game Scoring Configuration

Select the game preset to be used for matches and skills challenges (or basic game for scoring freedom).

Team List

Either import a team list from Robot Events (or other CSV) or Generate Teams randomly (Will be shown in a CSV to edit)

Elimination Tournament Setup

There are several options to be tweaked here however they should come from reference to the game manual. Select the proper number of alliances for the size of the event (most likely 8, 12, or 16). The 3 other options will be prefilled and should stay the same

Field Set #1

This is used to set up fields, and fieldsets. The differences of these are discussed in the Tournament Manager article. Several fieldsets and fields can be set up here as needed.

Skills Challenges

Here, the skills fields can be designated. They will not have a name as they are not scheduled like fieldsets. There is also an option for Maximum Skills Challenge Attempts however this cannot be changed for official events.

Pit Display Setup

The differences in these are discussed in the Tournament Manager article. Multiple of these can be set up however this page does not control Audience Displays (on fields) or Field Displays (for queuing).

Schedule Setup

This page will change from event to event. An agenda should be predetermined for the event and be displayed on robot events for teams so this page should reflect that. The biggest thing that is up to the discretion of the event partner is the match cycle time. This will vary based on average team experience, the number of desired matches, and the number of fields and fieldsets that are being used. Most events use 6-8 minute match cycles. These choices should reflect practice matches, and more than one set of qualification matches if lunch or multiple days is needed.

Create Matches

This page is used to generate the match cycle, and then view the statistics of the schedule. This can be used to tweak the previous page's inputs to ensure all teams' good and fair experience.

Award Setup

This will have been previously determined and displayed on Robot Events however the awards to be given at the event can be selected here. Most common awards are shown here to be selected, however custom awards can also be added for special recognition.

Web Publishing Setup

This can only be used if the event is connected to Robot Events. It is HIGHLY recommended to publish all information to Robot Events and VexVia as it comes for the benefit of both competitors and spectators. If a fast internet connection is not available at the event for teams and spectators, other forms of communications should be prioritized (more monitors, PA systems, etc.).

Setup Complete

Congrats! This is the last page before the event is set up and is a good time to tweak previous decisions although most settings can be changed after the event is finalized.

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