Team Checkin

Team Checkin is used when teams arrive at an event to mark them as present. A volunteer should check in a team and give them any information needed for the event as well as checking that all paperwork that is needed has been received.


Inspection is used when checking a team's robot for legality. This tool does not show all criteria for a team to pass inspection, which is found here. A team must pass inspection to be added to the schedule. On Pit displays, teams that are checked in show up as grey, teams that are partially inspected are shown as yellow, and teams that have passed inspection are shown as green.


Announcements are used to show text at the bottom of pit displays. Once published they are shown until the end time that is set when the message is published. Multiple messages can be shown at the same time.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices is a terminal to setup devices on the same network that are running the TMMobile app. More information can be found here with a full tutorial on how to pair different devices.

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