Replacing Simple Electronics

Replacing simple electronics with real electronics.

Because we used iMates to constrain the simple motor, we can replace them with the real electronic file.

Replacing the Simple Motor

Right click the simple motor and go to Component then left click Replace.

Navigate to the Electronics folder of your library, and select V5 Motor.ipt.

A warning will appear. Because we are using iMates, this warning is ok, and we can click ok.

The motor has been replaced with a real motor! This file has all of the internal geometry that motors have. Because this is CAD, we don't need the circuitry, just something to make sure the motor fits. Using computing power on calculating the internal geometry will make your cad a little slower. That's why we use the simple motors. But when making renders of our robots, we will switch them to real motors.

To switch the motor back to the simple motor, the process is the same, except select V5 Simple Motor.ipt instead.

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