How to Setup a Notebook

Creating the Notebook Database

When Notion is opened, and a new page is created, the first thing to appear is a space for a title, and then the option to create an Empty Page which should be selected. After the blank page is created, to make a database, type "/Database" and select the Database - Inline option. Name the Database something useful to organize a notebook.

Creating Templates

With a blank Database, entries can be created by clicking the New button at the top right of the Database view. This is highly innefficient for notebook creation as by default, this button creates empty pages. That is why Templates can be created.

To create and edit Templates, click the next to the New button, and select New Template. It is recommended that a template is created for each type of entry that will be repeated throughout the notebook (Team Planning, Build Logs, etc.).

This is a recommended setup for a template to start. The title includes a generic name that can be changed for each entry, as well as a clear date to easily distinguish entries. The first property is the date of the entry. The second property is a Multi-select style named Category to distinguish varieties of entries where varieties such as "Brainstorming" or "Tournament Reflection" can be added for example. A Text style property then is added to list Authors of the entry. The final 3 properties are all Checkbox style to help with organization and exporting.

It may be helpful to read Organizing Entries before creating several entries, but it makes more sense with some entries.

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