VEX CAD Inventor Library.
This library includes every length of metal, commonly used cut metal, construction circles for ease of constraining, and parametric hardware.
Library 1.4 is a large update with a lot of new parts, a lot of fixed textures, and a new set of metals structure that fixes the inaccuracies with the published Vex parts. There are also some naming inconsistencies that are fixed. As well as quality-of-life fixes for pneumatics, hinges, chain generation, and for rendering. It is NOT compatible with previous versions
The recommended file structure is to have a CAD folder anywhere on your computer and place the latest release in this folder. Every new robot you create will be a new folder in the CAD folder.
It is often helpful to use Github Desktop (Or Another Git Client) to download the library. Downloading a .Zip has lead to missing parts or corrupted files.

​Change Log​

To see everything changed between versions, check the changelog!


Please read the FAQ if you're having installation issues.

​VEX CAD Discord​

If you need more help, or would like assistance from experienced users, please ask in our discord server!

Inventor Library Contributors

  • Boots - 1961Z
  • Charlie - BCUZ
  • Jake - 62A
  • Jess - EZ
  • Jordan - BNS
  • Leo - 2616N
  • Max - 91A
  • Sid - 5776A
  • Yuanyang - 1721G
This work is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License