VEX CAD Inventor Library.
This library includes every length of metal, commonly used cut metal, construction circles for ease of constraining, and parametric hardware.
Library 1.3 is a quality of life update including consistent file names, more sizing tools, improved shafts, smooth screws, improved chain generator, and new part releases from the past year (flex wheels, sensors, HS hardware, Robosource shoulder screws, 2.5" screws, etc). It is NOT compatible with previous versions.
The recommended file structure is to have a CAD folder anywhere on your computer, and place the latest release in this folder. Every new robot you create will be a new folder in the CAD folder.
To see everything changed between versions, check the changelog!


Please read the FAQ if you're having installation issues.
If you need more help, or would like assistance from experienced users, please ask in our discord server!

Inventor Library Contributors

  • Boots - 1961Z
  • Charlie - BCUZ
  • Jake - 62A
  • Jess - EZ
  • Jordan - BNS
  • Leo - 2616N
  • Max - 91A
  • Sid - 5776A
  • Yuanyang - 1721G
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Latest Release: 1.3.0
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Inventor Library Contributors