Fusion 360

VEX CAD Fusion 360 Library.

This parts library features every VRC legal part currently available, and will continue to be updated as new parts get released. This library is the second iteration of the original Fusion 360 Library.


To install the parts library, download the zip file and follow this video tutorial.


Click here to see frequently asked questions about the library.


Most notably, the Fusion 360 Add-In is no longer supported, however there are plans to re-implement the add-in in the future.

There are now files for every length of structure, similar to the Inventor library, and all motion pieces that support inserts now have individual files for every type of insert, including no insert.

Additionally, every available length for spacers, screws, and standoffs are now available.

You can view the full changelog here

VEX CAD Discord

If you need more help, or would like assistance from experienced users, please ask in our Discord server!

Tutorial Series

We're releasing tutorial videos not just for installation, but also for improving your Fusion 360 workflow as well! You can view the playlist here as we continue to release new videos.

Fusion 360 Library Contributors

Current Contributors

Past Contributors

  • Aidan - BUFF

  • George - BUFF

  • Flis - EZER

  • Jess - EZ

  • Justin - 3018E

  • Yuanyang - 1721G

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